Monday, May 23, 2011

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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 4, 05:13 PM

    This is the language tacked onto the anti-union bill.

    Fivepoint- I assume you're OK with this since you got yours.Good one, lee. :D

    ...deep down everyone realizes that these protesters are protesting for petty reasons. They don't care about the kids, the schools, the state, the budget, the economy... they just don't want THEIRS to be taken away.Which is interesting, because isn't this exactly what we say about the corporations? That they don't care about their workers, the country, the economy; they're so short-sighted that all they care about is how much they can grab for themselves. Interesting because apparently that's okay for corporations, but not for people.

    Not that I think the unions are that shallow. Just sayin' that it seems it's okay to be selfish as long as your name ends in INC or LLC.

    And finally, from earlier in the thread:

    That's true regarding federal employees. It's being labeled as draconian because that's how union thugs get their message across. They need to scare people in order to get their way. Scare or intimidate... and thankfully they aren't powerful enough to intimidate all of us at this point. Not that they aren't trying: That's meant to scare people?

    Perhaps you'd prefer one of these:

    "... Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relationships and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the government. All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations ... The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for ... officials ... to bind the employer ... The employer is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives ...

    "Particularly, I want to emphasize my conviction that militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees. Upon employees in the federal service rests the obligation to serve the whole people ... This obligation is paramount ... A strike of public employees manifests nothing less than an intent ... to prevent or obstruct ... Government ... Such action, looking toward the paralysis of Government ... is unthinkable and intolerable." -Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, and Progressive/Liberal HeroOur labor unions are not narrow, self-seeking groups. They have raised wages, shortened hours and provides supplemental benefits. Through collective bargaining and grievance procedures, they have brought justice and democracy to the shop floor. But their work goes beyond their own job, and even beyond our borders. For the labor movement is people. Our unions have brought millions of men and women together ... and given them common tools for common goals. -- John F. Kennedy

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  • MacRumorUser
    Nov 17, 12:27 PM
    Reality check, bought World at War - i didnt play it for more than 1hour
    bought Modern Warfare 2 - played for about 1.5 hours

    Now i'm tempted to pick this up even though I havent finished any of those others simply because the game supports stereoscopic 3D...

    Anyone tried 3D?

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  • munkery
    Apr 17, 06:36 PM
    How does Gnome 3.0 on Linux compare to the new UI in OSX Lion?

    I've been playing around with Gnome 3.0, and it seems like the designers have a similar philosophy about desktop navigation.

    Gnome 3.0 Preview (This is not my video):

    That's a pretty sick OS. I haven't ever run Fedora on a computer of mine, but my uncle swears by it. That video has convinced me to run it on my next box.

    I like fedora over ubuntu. I haven't run fedora for a while, I think I'll take second look when the new version comes out.

    I wish Ubuntu went with Gnome 3 over Unity. Fedora is great but it is more "free" than Ubuntu as Fedora includes fewer/no? proprietary drivers by default so it is a little bit more work to get running on some hardware.

    The next Fedora may be worth the extra effort.

    Here is a link for those looking to stay up to date on Win 8.

    Or, at least looking to retaliate?

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  • jonhcox
    Apr 15, 03:01 PM
    Honestly, I dig the look of it but I have my doubts about the sharp edges. I can almost promise you that the photos are faked but I'm seeing that most of us already know that. I can see the body being aluminum- isn't the Droid aluminum? There would definitely need to be a place for the antenna- black plastic or something.

    I'm hoping for something different this time. My 3G has held up well except for a broken ear speaker, but I'd like to see them push it a little as far as design. Every time I see an EVO 4G- I look at it longingly.

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  • bj3949
    Apr 15, 04:21 PM
    Probably not real. I really hope the next iPhone has a camera flash, and I think the camera flash should be the Apple logo on the back. Wouldn't that be sick????

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  • Machead III
    Sep 12, 03:58 AM
    6 (SIX) PM UK time :)

    I thought it was 5pm?

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  • DHUK
    Jan 9, 05:10 AM
    Cheaper tracks on iTunes, at least in the UK.

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  • jrtc27
    Apr 30, 12:59 PM
    Do you mean you like the change, or the reverse of the change?

    You only have to look at the second screen shot to see why the slider was potentially confusing�

    Image (

    When there are only two options, the inactive option looks a lot like a depressed button.

    Apple's always fiddling with this. You have to wonder why they didn't just stick with the old tabbed interface, which is arguably the most instantly recognisable way of switching window views. I guess there's a bit more flexibility in buttons, in terms of their placement� or maybe they're just trying to think different.

    I mean I like the change away from the slider. The slider was confusing (I'm a techie, and I was confused at first when I saw videos and screenshots), and the squarer buttons look better than the old style in Snow Leopard, especially with the two shades of grey - they are much more modern and much subtler.

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  • stukick
    Apr 8, 05:42 PM
    Best Buy still sucks.

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  • nmrrjw66
    May 6, 10:15 AM
    This is a little ridiculous. Is it really a big deal to answer simple questions about firearms? Gun owners should be happy to answer questions about their safety practices. It should also be perfectly reasonable to simply decline to answer those questions.

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  • Much Ado
    Jan 12, 03:46 AM
    They are BLOGGERS. There are no rules in blogging. There are no codes of ethics.

    As soon as you start advertising on your blog and maintain a healthy stream for revenue from hits, you become more than just a blog. They owe it to themselves to be professional for the sake of their reputations, and they just screwed that up royally.

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  • Frisco
    Apr 15, 06:31 PM
    Google, Microsoft and Bush are Devils!

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  • suneohair
    Mar 28, 02:00 PM
    I am showing you online 13 hours ago....

    Check ebay and look for local listings. If you want to send me your zip I can keep an eye out as well.

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  • Branskins
    Apr 29, 03:45 PM
    I wish they would keep the slider buttons. I really really liked them :/

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  • p8ntballguy
    Oct 10, 10:41 PM
    ...and an integrated spell-checker! :D

    lol i said, it was quickly done....fixed:

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 02:20 PM
    Im just waiting for all the fake MR iOS developers to post comments...:rolleyes:

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  • Balli
    Sep 12, 02:51 AM
    10am Cupertino (west coast US) time. Just over 9 hours to go.

    That's 7pm here in the UK... Just when I get home from work! :)

    Are any sites offering live feeds, etc?

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  • mrgreen4242
    Jan 15, 02:26 PM
    To stick with Steve's 4 main points:
    1) Time Capsule is pretty neat, not a terrible price for what it is, either.
    2) iPhone software looks pretty nice. iPod touch update is a travesty against all mankind... I think Apple is seriously underestimating the backlash this will cause.
    3) The ATV updates are nice, price drop is decent, but not nearly enough for year old hardware with no upgrades. Software only update means HD content will be 720p24@5mbits which is pretty OK but not what I would have liked to see. 5.1 finally.
    4) Macbook Air: stupid, stupid name. Crazy insane pricing, especially when you add the SD, ethernet, remote, and modem (you really should have all those in the box at $1800). Who's going to be buying this thing? It's just so targeted at a very specific market that I can't see it being a huge success.

    As for stuff that DIDN'T get talked about:
    - No desktop updates at all. I predict Apple getting out of the consumer desktop market in the next 2-3 years. No more iMac or mini.
    - No tablet. They could have done a <$1000 multitouch 9" iSlab tablet thingy that would have been as light and thin as the Air and actually revolutionized something, but... shrug.
    - iTunes subscription. Now that they have a self destructing DRM scheme in Fairplay I expected a subscription for TV shows, at least.

    All in all, unexciting, really.

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 11:53 AM
    3.7" is the most appropriate phone size imo. I use htc trophy 7 which is 3.8" and it's just a bit bigger. 3.5" is a bit small though.

    Anything greater than 3.8" is a giant screen. Can't imagine using one of those.

    I think the iPhone needs a bigger screen, and to lose that border would be nice

    Mr. Gates
    Apr 26, 07:13 AM
    Such a small difference !

    Who cares ? :confused:

    Gimmie a 4 inch screen, then we'll talk !

    Oct 29, 11:10 AM

    Yes, what he is saying about "Free" software is true. "Free" software is about what rights to use the source code the user has; most "Free" software is available in at least some commercial version for a fee (e.g., Red Hat Linux, MySQL).

    Oct 28, 03:19 PM
    I don't blame Apple. The OSS community abused what they had and turned to piracy by stealing the GUI. Kudos Apple.

    Now that's a stupid thing to say. The OSS community doesnt steal the GUI, the warez community does. And those two really don't overlap much.

    It is true, though, that everyone might use the work of the OSS community, even for illegal purposes.

    Oct 1, 01:23 PM
    You should realize that everything we have in the physical world deteriorates eventually and that things are not really what is important.

    Historical preservation is precisely about determining the difference between one of 1 million "things" of plastic and an object which conveys information about some period's culture, identity, art, technology, etc. I live in one of fairly many Grade II Listed ( buildings in the United Kingdom, much older but not quite as large as old Steve's, and there is no surprise when purchasing such a building that you are significantly restricted in what you can do to it. If you are found to have made a modification which is not permitted, it will be your money which pays to have it restored to its original state.

    It is absurd to suggest that historical preservation is about envy just because others have the means to destroy historically valuable objects. Indeed, those who want to destroy an interesting creation to make way for their own concern me far more. What is it about the past that you don't like, Jobs? Your firm makes a habit of claiming to innovate where it does not; surely this is not a projection of how you live your private life?

    Full of Win
    Mar 28, 06:39 PM
    Respectfully, I think you're missing the point. In its totality, installing an app is more like:

    1) Google or otherwise search for an app. Make sure its the Mac version, compatible with your OS version, processor, etc. There probably won't be any reviews, more like select quotes from people who liked it.
    2) IF you trust that website, fill out your credit card information, PayPal account, etc.
    3) Download it and do the process you described for installing.
    4) If you need to re-install the app, buy a new computer, etc. hope that the company allows you to re-download it.
    5) If you have a good/bad experience, good luck reviewing it or rating it.

    I'm a pretty tech-savvy guy and I still appreciate the ease of the Mac App Store.

    Yet, inexplicably, we made due without a walled garden for decades.

    1) Wow, you will have to do some research. There might even be some reading involved. Also, since OS 10.6.6 + is the only OS that will run the store, its pretty easy to ensure compatibility.

    2) Most apps I use are free (not stolen), so payment does not factor in unless I doneate via PayPal. Also, since Apple is taking a pretty large slice of the revenue, at some point this will have to be passed on to the consumers

    3) A file on a thumb drive is easier to pass along than download a file from the internet via the Mac App store.

    4) Or you could store the file on your hard drive or a NAS, or a cheap external drive. Noting says you have to re-download it.

    5) So I guess that sites like MacUpdate are not useful? There are plenty of review sites for OS X apps.

    Its not a bad concept - if its voluntary. However, to make it a rule to compete in the Design Award is lame. As others have said, it should be renamed the MacStore App Award to reflect the narrowing of the field they are doing by only allowing App Store devs to compete.

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